List of UK exclusive beads


Shown in colour. The others were described as UK exclusive/ limited, but were in fact released elsewhere too.

For more information, see the detailed UK bead releases pages. The ones in colour really were only available in the UK (although the World Tour and City Beads have been briefly available to order globally).


  1. Limited Edition Blue Purple Prism, 2009.
  2. Limited Edition Amber Pink Prism, 2009.
  3. Limited Edition UK Convention Red Jasper, 2010.
  4. Limited Edition UK Convention Green Jasper, 2010.
  5. Limited Edition Gemstones, 2011 – also available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy 2011.
  6. Lovespoons, 2011 (World Tour).
  7. UK Colours, 2011 (World Tour).
  8. Celtic Kilt, 2011 (World Tour).
  9. English Tea Party, 2011 (World Tour).
  10. RAF Benevolent Fund Heart Bead, 2012.
  11. Limited Edition Manga, 2009 – Japanese bead released in the UK in 2012.
  12. Limited Edition UU Bavaria, 2012 – also released in Europe and the USA 2012.
  13. Limited Edition UU Citron Delight, 2012 – also released in the USA 2012.
  14. Limited Edition UU  UK Convention African Turquoise, 2012.
  15. Limited Edition Trollbeads Heaven, 2013.
  16. Limited Edition Cambridge Bead, 2014.
  17. Limited Edition London Gentleman, from the City Beads Collection, released 22nd May 2015.

The City Beads Collection

Like a heartbeat, every city in the world has its own magical rhythm and life. Each with its own unique light, sounds, smells, views and flavours that speak to our senses. It may be the music and the food, or the things you did and people you met. Or it may be the special person you travelled with. But sometimes we find ourselves in a city we can never really leave – at least not in our hearts.

Like a soul mate, you know when you have found your soul city – because somehow it brings out your true self better than anywhere else…

Join our whirlwind tour of nine of the world’s most exciting cities and discover The City Beads Collection .