“UK” bead release no. 8: LE Bavaria and LE Citron Delight released 3rd September 2012.


This  pre-notice on Facebook in the UK caused a lot of anticipation amongst collectors who were hoping for something exclusive to the UK, but the release was a slight damp squib in reality, as it comprised two UU glass beads which had already been released elsewhere: Bavaria and Citron Delight.


BavariaPhoto by Fable Trading.

“Bavaria” – released to celebrate Munich’s Oktoberfest –  was also released elsewhere in Europe and the USA as an LE. This is what Fable Trading said about this release (in italics below, information from 2012):

With “Bavaria” we join the celebration of the historic “Oktoberfest” which originates from the area of Munich/Bavaria in Germany more than 200 years ago. Today it is a world known event with global fans. The design of the new bead is based on the beautiful blue and white pattern which truly is the emblem of Bavaria and also the Oktoberfest. This year the Oktoberfest runs from 22nd September to 7th October. The bead core is Universal size. RRP £26 / €28.


Ref: 65101

Join the celebration of the historic German tradition of Oktoberfest.

  • First Introduced:03/09/2012
  • Colour:White, Blue
  • Material:Glass
  • Collection:Glass Trollbeads I

The TB Universe website says that the designer of this bead is Sandra Bus. The bead is one of a series of “Country Beads” which includes Asian Hearts (2012) and Royal Orange (2013).



citrondelightPhoto by Fable Trading.

“Citron Delight” reminds me of a Malawi bead. Malawi beads were a limited edition, released in Summer 2012. This particular bead was – according to the Endangered Trolls blog – released earlier in the year in the USA when the retailed “Trollbeads at the Commons” sold it with two other “Exclusive Spring Universal” LE Beads, Cheerful and Turquoise Waters, which also look like Malawis. It was therefore available since spring 2012.

This is what Fable Trading say about this release (in italics below):

Trollbeads Citron Delight

” Citron Delight” is tart and tangy, like a cool slice of lime on a hot Summer day.

The bead core is Universal size. RRP £35 / €39.

Citron Delight

Ref: 65211

Tart and tangy, this bead is like a cool slice of lime on a hot Summer day.

  •  First Introduced:02/09/2012
  • Colour:Green
  • Material:Glass
  • Collection:Glass Trollbeads II


Upon my enquiry, Fable Trading denied that Citron Delight is a Malawi, although I am convinced it is!

Citron Delight is not listed in the Trollbeads Museum, although Bavaria is.


Originally created by Amanda Mac on 10th Sept 2012. Updated 2014.