UK bead release no. 1: LE Blue Purple Prism – available late 2009 onwards.

c prism

Also known as LE UK Royal Blue Prism; LE UK Convention Prism; LE UK Blue Prism; LE UK Blue Purple Prism.


“60290 – Blue Purple Prism.

A wonderful azure blue prism bead with a hint of purple. Similar to the Turquoise prism bead in style but with a stunning azure blue base colour.”


A “few hundred” of these were delivered to selected shops in the UK in late 2009, but a very few were definitely available in Holland as OOAKs before this date. 80 of these beads were sold at the October 2010 UK Convention, where I bought one. A very limited number were sold on-line by the UK dealers Steffans from midnight 30th June 2011, but none were available at the 2nd UK Convention in November 2011 (unlike the LE Amber Pink prisms which were on sale at that Convention).

They have classic (small) cores. As the official description above in italics says, these beads are very similar to the production turquoise prism, but with bright azure blue glass used instead of the turquoise. Both have the same purple glass, although in some beads there is very little purple, making it look Royal Blue.

Please note that this bead does have an official catalogue number (60290), and they have been almost exclusively released in the UK.


Update 2014: At the time of writing, this bead isn’t documented on either the Trollbeads HQ Museum or Special Editions web pages, despite the fact it has a catalogue number. Perhaps this is because it is a UK Special Edition and not a global one?


Amanda Mac, 28th Jan 2012. Updated 2014.