UK Reference Pages

These WikiBeadia UK Reference Pages are designed to help any collectors who are interested in rare or Limited Edition Trollbeads released in the UK. I hope you find them informative and helpful.

How these pages started

I’ve been collecting this information for many years.

I am UK-based, started collecting in July 2009, and joined the Trollbeads Gallery Forum (TBGF) that month. Not long after I joined I set up the UK Collectors Group there (the first of the country/ state groups), and I started to get queries from fellow-Forum members as to whether there were any specific UK releases. At that stage there weren’t, but not long afterwards they started appearing, the very first of which was the UK Limited Edition Chinese Bracelet released on 16th October 2009.

I started  to document these releases, because many of them were semi-official, rare or had limited documentation. So I wrote the UK Collectors Group Reference Pages on the TBGF to help fellow-trollies. It was just as well I did it when I did – much of that information and those images have completely disappeared from the web.

I have used some of the information from my TBGF pages for the UK pages on this website.





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