Valentine’s Day releases

These releases started in 2010 but they haven’t done a special release each year.  However, the bead Valentine 61715 (below) which is still in the collection, has been in production at least February 2008. Perhaps that was released for Valentine’s Day in 2008 but I haven’t managed to find out (yet!)

Perhaps the most popular release was the 2010 LE Crazy Lace Agates – I know I went mad for these, and they are still very desirable!


2008? – Valentine 61715.

3B373C373A-700x700_zpsf585ddadPhoto by Trollbeads.

2009 – No special release


2010 – Limited Edition Crazy Lace Agates (faceted in North America, smooth in Europe, both below)

92c0ae2a-31a7-4698-b499-31749edc1112_zps804790e7Faceted CLAs. Photo by Trollbeads.

bc2d1c64-4eac-4219-8ec8-0467b1540ff7_zpsc2a8e1d3Smooth CLAs. Photo by Trollbeads.

TrollbeadsCrazyLaceAgateSmooth CLAs. Photo by Trollbeads

2011 -No special release.

2012 No special release.


2013 Red Dangle, Lilac Dangle (both below).

61730-valentine-love_-red-800px_zpsdae69f3dPhoto by Trollbeads.

61729-valentine-love_-purple-800px_zps35500402Photo by Trollbeads.


2014 – Limited Edition Be My Valentine glass bead (below).

2014valentine_zpsda605ca1 Photo by Trollbeads.


2015 below – Limited Edition Love Symphony glass kit featuring hearts; three silvers – Cupid, Hearts Galore and Guardian of Hearts (all shown below).

hearts_zps2b8b5ff4Limited Edition Love Symphony glass kit (above). Photo by Trollbeads.

guardian_zpsb6d7d341Guardian of Hearts (above). Photo by Trollbeads.

3637363E3D-700x700_zps21a01073Hearts Galore (above). Photo by Trollbeads.

3636353A36363736363B-700x700_zps21ba1e43Cupid (above). Photo by Trollbeads.