Trollbeads re-releases


  • Joyful – was originally released as number 11404 in 1998-2006 and became highly collectable. Designed by Trine Tanja Falsled. When Trollbeads HQ decided to re-release this bead as a Limited Edition for Mother’s Day (md11502) in 2012, it caused fury amongst many collectors who had paid serious sums of money for the original Joyful. The new beads are stamped, although some of the older ones are too. It is very difficult to tell the old and new apart, although some experienced collectors feel they can do so, based on size and weight.
  • (Old) Pink Prism – originally released 2005-7, catalogue number 61185p. Designed by Lise Aagaard. Re-released in 2011 apparently after a box (of 2,500 or 3,000) of uncored old pink prisms was found in the USA distributor’s offices (or the Danish offices, there are various accounts). The decision was taken to core and stamp them, and re-release them, which again caused fury amongst some collectors who had paid large sums of money for the original retired pink prism. No new catalogue number given.  Not to be confused with the new pink prism 60185, which is a peach colour.
  • Big Earth – original release date unknown (the dates and original catalogue number have been wiped from the TB HQ Museum), but it originally retired in 2001. Designed by Nicholas Aagaard and his grandfather Svend Nielsen. This bead (11603) was re-released in 2010 after a competition by TB HQ to celebrate the completion of their on-line museum. It retired for the second time in 2014.
  •  LE Gemstones – these were originally released in very limited quantities in 2011 without formal names. See UK Releases pages. In 2013, six stones were re-released as the LE “Summer Stones” kit: African Amethyst, Red Mud Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, Rhyolite, Canadian Jade and Zebra Jasper. Another stone from 2011 – the LE Ocean  Jasper – was re-released in 2014. All of these stones were previously available as part of the 2011 LE Gemstones kits (NB although the names were not formally given in the 2011 release, TB HQ had given some information about the stones after numerous requests. Although,  for example, the Canadian Jade wasn’t named that by TB HQ in 2011,  the 2011 and 2013 stones are identical).


Similar/ Inspired by:

  • Trollbeads 11236 (un-named by Svend, in production 1983-2000) appears to have inspired Mom’s (or Mum’s) Bouquet (11288 by Soren, released 2013).
  • Leaves (tbm005 by Soren, in production 1993-2000) may have inspired Falling Leaves (11159 by Soren, released in 2011-2014) according to some collectors.
  • (Old) Clover (TAGBE-00176) by Svend may have inspired the silver clover bead on the Lucky Friends bracelet by Soren (text on the TB website accessed April 2017): “A good friend is like a four leaf clover. Hard to find, but lucky to have. This bracelet is a Limited Edition release, exclusively made for Trollbeads Day 2016, which was celebrated on July 2, 2016. The bead and lock can only be purchased as a set with the bracelet and are not sold individually”. (Old) Clover, Lucky Friends Clover and the LE German Clover are different releases and different designs, not to be confused.
  • Wine Harvest by Soren and (Old) Vine (TAGBE-50037) by Svend are two different releases, but very similar in design.


Rare Trollbeads which were apparently re-released officially/ semi-officially:

  • Chess Lock – Designer unknown. Apparently the design reflects the first display background used for showcasing Trollbeads. These locks were originally only given to retailers who attended Trollbeads Academy/ University training days in the USA and Europe (the UK held its first UK Trollbead Academies in Bristol on 13 and 14 Nov 2012). They were certainly being given out by 2008, perhaps earlier. The recipients were instructed not to resell them (although some did!). However, in 2012 and 2013 small batches of them were released to Danish retailers to sell, which is when I got mine. These locks are still being given out – most recently as prizes for the Peoples’ Bead finalists in 2014. There is some debate as to the quality of the 2012-3 and later locks vs earlier versions – some collectors feel that the earlier locks were more substantial. They were still very rare collectors pieces until 2012/3 – and are still uncommon.
  • Several of the 2006 30th anniversary beads and the lock (including Two Trolls and Pram) were re-released for sale in the USA and Denmark. Designed by the Nielsen-Aagaard family.
  • Ganesha – at least one prototype was in circulation many years before the 2014 release. Designed by Soren.