Trollbeads re-makes by the original designers

Some of the first designers brought in to expand the Trollbeads range apparently retained their copyright on their designs. When Trollbeads retired their bead, they could reproduce them. The following Trollbeads have all been reproduced:


Columbine by Paula Radke

Harlequin by Paula Radke

Siberian Tiger by Kathy Perras

Greyhound Lock by Asger and Helge Max Andersen

Bicone, White by Lars Glad

Bicone, Black by Lars Glad

Black by Kate Fowle

Gold and Black by Kate Fowle

Granite by Kate Fowle

Granite and Gold by Kate Fowle

Jellyfish by Michael Weihe

Seahorse by Michael Weihe (apparently commissioned by but never officially released by TB HQ)

Unity by Michael Weihe