People’s bead releases


This competition started in 2009; anyone can become a Trollbeads designer as long as they are lucky enough to win! Trollbeads fans vote on the design they want added to the collection. All photos below by Trollbeads.

2009 – Pax (silver, retired 2014), picked from over 8,000 entries!

3637373D35-700x700Pax. The very first People’s Bead! Designer:  Suzanne Marie Hopping (Australia)

“My interpretation of a People’s Bead was to come up with a subject that connects, involves and resonates with every person on earth in some way. I wanted to transcend genders and generations so that both men and women of all ages would be proud to wear it. Peace is something I hold close to my heart as my mum and dad met in a prisoner of war camp in Germany, during World War II, and I am very well aware of the suffering they went through. Not in a million years did I expect to win the competition!” (text from website).

Suzanne also made her own version of this design after it retired from Trollbeads for her PAXSUZ beads collection. It is more detailed and crisper than the Trollbeads version.

Spin-offs from the 2009 competition (entries which didn’t win but which were put into production):


3637393A3A-700x700Hallelujah. Designer:  Milly Page (Australia)


373738393C-700x700Angel’s Feathers. Designer:  Benedetta Romita (Italy)

3637383B39-700x700Family of Kittens.  Inspired by People’s Bead 2009 participant Catherine McKeithen. Designer:  Anders Martin Bruun

2010 – Ice Bear (silver) – there were over 6000 entries this year.

36373A3837-700x700Ice Bear. Designer:  Kristi Denning (USA)

2011 – Rolling Waves (silver) – there were over 4000 entries this year.

36373A3839-700x700Rolling Waves. Designer:  Denise Tong (Hong Kong)

2012 – Spiritual Collection (11 beads in total: x1 fantasy pendant, x2 glass, x8 silver)

3B37393C36-700x700Spirit Light. Designer: Marta Kubesova (Czech Republic)

3B3835383B-700x700Chakra Colours. Designer: Jolanda J. Hos (Netherlands)

3637363C39-700x700World Within. Designer: Linda Karusso (Australia). Retired 2014.

3637363C3C-700x700Stay Positive. Designer: Maria af Rolén (USA).

3637363C3B-700x700Heaven’s Garden. Designer: Yumi Shimizu (Japan).

3637373E35-700x700Loving Light. Designer: Kevin Powell (Canada).

3637383C37-700x700Dream Catcher. Designer: Silvia Iacurto (Italy).

3637383C39-700x700Rosary. Designer: Elisabetta Marini (Italy).

3637363C3A-700x700Feather. Designer: Carolyn Brettell (UK).

3637383C38-700x700Happy Dragon. Designer: Allan Bayer (Denmark).

36383E3737-700x70012912-prayer-chainPrayer. Designer: Daniele Celani (Italy).

2013 – Traditional Sayings Collection (11 beads in total: x1 glass, x8 silvers, x1 fantasy pendant, x1 gold)

3B37393E3B-700x700Silver Lining (above). “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Designer:  Rebecca Cresswell (UK).

3637373F36-700x700Leopard (above). “A leopard cannot change its spots”. Designer:  Jeannie Sanger (USA).

3637383C3E-700x700“Love is Blind” (above). Designer:  Valentina Rocchi (Italy).

3637373F35-700x700Books (above). “Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen”. Designer:  Luisa Esposito (Italy).

3637363D3E-700x700Sakura (above). “A cherry tree blooms at the time of good news”. Designer:  Shizue Ishiwata (Japan).

3737363D3D-700x7003637363D3D-700x700 (1)Little Acorns (in gold and silver, above). “Great oaks from little acorns grow”. C14 English proverb. Designer:  Rachel Morris (UK).

3637383D36-700x700 Thoughts (above). “Thoughts are free”. Designer:  Daniela Troll (Germany).

3637363E35-700x700This too… (above).“This too shall pass” (a shame they added “away” to the saying on the bead). Designer:  Iris Heyer (Germany).

3637383D35-700x700Will (above). “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Designer:  Paul Krans (Netherlands).

36383E3739-700x70012914_night_owl_c (1)“Night Owl” (above). Designer:  Kevin Powell (Canada).

2014 – Perfect Balance (glass) – the “Missing Bead” competition.


3D3735363E_200-700x700Designer:  Mirjam Seling (Germany)

2015 – Tropical Travels (a three-in-one design) (silver) – the “Share Your Passion” competition.




Designer – Amanda White (UK)

2016 – Celebrate Life (glass) – the “Celebration competition”.celebrate2celebrate1 celebrate3

Designer – Giuseppe Di Meo (Italy)

 2017 – the “My Happy Bead” competition, with a new voting system by a “jury” who had to make a choice on all 1900 entries!