Mother’s Day releases


2008 –  ?



Limited Edition Gold heart bead with pink sapphires 21816

Limited Edition Gold heart bead with rubies 21617

“Mother’s Day” prism (this was released as an LE in the US and Holland. There has been a lot of debate about this on Forums, but the consensus is that it is identical to the production purple prism, and one collector had this confirmed by TB HQ.)

?Kit (?prism)


2010 – ?


2011 – ?



Joyful (md11502). See also re-released beads section.

Additionally in the UK, Fable Trading marketed a Mother’s Day bracelet featuring Joyful, a lace lock and a bracelet for £105.



The Messenger, Mom’s Bouquet and Ruby Rock.

Additionally in the UK, Fable Trading marketed a trio of production beads, 3 for the price of two. The offer comprised the Pink Desert, the silver Hydrangea and the Light Blue Pastel beads. The trio of beads was on special offer at RRP £46 from February 22nd to March 10th.



Daylight, Daylight Earrings, Caring Light, Limited Edition Lavender Facet.



Limited Edition Mother’s Rose (glass), and two silvers: Mother’s Garden (fantasy pendant) and First Signs. The photos below are all by Trollbeads.

201520Mothers20Day20Close20Up20w20Background_zps6fnrjdd8 (1)

trollbeads_mothersgarden_fantasy_zpsf4rrh47o (1)