“Country Beads” (available globally)


A small series of beads (6 so far) marketed under this name, all Limited Edition. The later ones have country-specific catalogue numbers.

Not to be confused with the World Tour beads (released 2010-2012) which can be seen in this photo by Trollbeads below, and which were limited to their country (although sometimes available globally for a limited period):

collage-2 world tour

Also not to be confused with the “City Beads” collection which launched in May 2015. These were also only available in their individual countries (although sometimes available globally for a limited period). There were nine to start with: London Gentleman; Seoul Haechi; New York Freedom; Shanghai Dragon; Cape Town Trinity; Tokyo Mount Fuji; Amsterdam Town House; Hong Kong Voyager; Rome Colosseum. In November 2017, a new city bead – apparently in this series – was released: the Prague bead, only available in Prague.

Here are the “Country Beads”:

2012 – Limited Edition Bavaria (Universal Unique core). Representing Bavaria, Germany. Designed by Sandra Bus. Catalogue Ref. 65101. Photo by Trollbeads below:bavaria for wiki

2012 – Limited Edition Asian Hearts (originally marketed as Danish Hearts in Scandinavia). Representing Asian Counties. Designed by Lise Aagaard. Catalogue Ref. 61002. Photo by Trollbeads below:asian hearts

2013 – Limited Edition Royal Orange (marketed in the UK as part of the Country Beads series). Representing Holland. Designed by Lise Aagaard. Catalogue Ref. 62902 – see also the “International Events” page on this website. Photo by Trollbeads below:royal orange

2014 – Limited Edition Wings of Freedom (2014 Fall collection launch bead; has an American catalogue number US11505). Representing the USA. Designed by Søren Nielsen. Photo by Trollbeads below:wings of f

2014 – Limited Edition Ageless Beauty. Representing JapanCatalogue Ref. JP62301. Designed by Nozomi Kaji. Photo by Trollbeads below:ageless

2015 – Limited Edition Trollbeads Festeggiamo or Party Time Bead. Representing Italy. Designed by Lise Aagaard. Catalogue Ref. IT61114. Photo by Trollbeads below:party time

October 2017 – A purple diamond bead was released, limited to Japan. Despite having a Japanese reference, TZZJP-00231, this doesn’t seem to be a country bead as the theme is not related to Japan. All the other country bead designs relate somehow to a country.