“Country Beads” (available globally)


A small series of beads (6 so far) marketed under this name, all Limited Edition. The later ones have country-specific catalogue numbers. Not to be confused with the World Tour beads which can be seen in this photo by Trollbeads below:

collage-2 world tour

2012 – Limited Edition Bavaria (Universal Unique core). Representing Bavaria, Germany. Designed by Sandra Bus. Catalogue Ref. 65101. Photo by Trollbeads below:bavaria for wiki

2012 – Limited Edition Asian Hearts (originally marketed as Danish Hearts in Scandinavia). Representing Asian Counties. Designed by Lise Aagaard. Catalogue Ref. 61002. Photo by Trollbeads below:asian hearts

2013 – Limited Edition Royal Orange (marketed in the UK as part of the Country Beads series). Representing Holland. Designed by Lise Aagaard. Catalogue Ref. 62902 – see also the “International Events” page on this website. Photo by Trollbeads below:royal orange

2014 – Limited Edition Wings of Freedom (2014 Fall collection launch bead; has an American catalogue number US11505). Representing the USA. Designed by Søren Nielsen. Photo by Trollbeads below:wings of f

2014 – Limited Edition Ageless Beauty. Representing JapanCatalogue Ref. JP62301. Designed by Nozomi Kaji. Photo by Trollbeads below:ageless

2015 – Limited Edition Trollbeads Festeggiamo or Party Time Bead. Representing Italy. Designed by Lise Aagaard. Catalogue Ref. IT61114. Photo by Trollbeads below:party time