Some Iconic Trollbeads

There are some Trollbeads which are iconic for most collectors, either because of their rarity, design or for some other quality which makes them sought-after and desirable. Most are rare, limited edition or retired. Here are a selection of my favourite iconic beads, locks and kits; the only one which you can still buy off the shelf today is Faces.

I have tried to include the most truly iconic, famous and desirable beads, which most collectors would agree on and which have stood the test of time, rather than including beads which are popular on a more transient basis, such as some of the recent popular OOAK critters.

 Please note this is my personal choice!

My absolute faves in no particular order:

363736363A_101-700x700_zps7e995554ABOVE 1. Faces – the very first Trollbead, released in 1976 and still in production. Where it all began! Photo by Trollbeads.

bead-of-the-vikings_zpse6f1b739ABOVE 2. Limited Edition Anniversary Bead of the Vikings, released 2006.


bright-gla_zps94c2a4b6ABOVE 3. Green Lilac Armadillo, released 2006-7 as part of the Tibet Kit – two kinds, the original pale muted GLAs and the brighter second batch GLAs.

photo (1)ABOVE 4. (Old) Antique Flower, released Spring 2009. They started using the new pale-coloured background glass only a few months after it was released, i.e. later in 2009.

old-earth-2_zps2382ce5d (1)ABOVE 5. (Old) Earth (aka Wild Earth), release date unknown, probably around 2003, but certainly after 2001 when glass beads were introduced to the line. Photo by Trollbeads Gallery. Please do not reproduce.

crane2ABOVE 6. Crane, released 2000, retired 2006. Photo by Trollbeads.

caterpillarABOVE 7. Limited Edition Anniversary Caterpillar, released 2006.

smileysABOVE 8. Limited Edition Smiley, released 1st Jan 2009.

chinesebracelet2ABOVE 9. Limited Edition Chinese Silvers Kit x10, released 2009, especially perhaps the Symbol of Eternity, Clouds and Flower, and White Snake. Photo by Trollbeads.

chinese silvers and redABOVE L-R  – detailed shot from the 2009 Limited Edition Chinese Silvers Kit and Chinese Jades Kit: Great Wall; Clouds and Flower; Symbol of Eternity; Red Jade.


Also iconic:

1: Limited Edition Anniversary Bracelet, released 2006.

anniversarybracelet_nw_500x2661_zps61adae2bABOVE: LE Anniversary Bracelet. Photo by Trollbeads.

Anniversary BraceletABOVE: Photos of the LE Anniversary Bracelet and beads by Angela Weaver. Please do not reproduce.

2: Tibet Kit, released 2006, retired 2007.

FullSizeRender ABOVE: Photo by Trudy. Please do not reproduce.

3. Limited Edition Royal Wedding bead (gold), 2003.

RWBABOVE: Photo by Angela Weaver. Please do not reproduce.

4. Chess Lock, never formally released for sale.

chess1_zps6d9235e6Chess Lock

images1_zps6a57168fABOVE: Photo by Trollbeads Gallery. Please do not reproduce.

5. Greyhound Lock. Released 2002, retired 2005.

greyhound1_zps4d208c3fABOVE: Photo by WikiBeadia.

6: “Tulip” Lock aka Double-ended Lock, tbm 063, released and retired 2005. Only one batch made.

FullSizeRender (1)ABOVE: Photo by Trudy. Please do not reproduce.

7. Joyful (definitely once iconic, perhaps no longer so, because it is no longer rare having been re-released). Released 1998-2006. Re-released 2012 as an LE, but is still widely available in 2014.

Joyful_Trollbeads_Gallery1_zpsa7c89004ABOVE: Photo by Trollbeads Gallery. Please do not reproduce.

8. Red Armadillo, released 2004-6.


red-dillo-1-1024x1024_zpsefbd7aa1ABOVE: Photos by Trudy. Please do not reproduce.

9. (Old) Clover, released and retired 2001.

35c128cd-347b-4340-83df-30f3c527a838_zpsc0ec2095ABOVE: Photo by Trollbeads.


Also highly desirable:

1. Many early and rare silvers; difficult to name them all!

2. Many early and rare glass beads; ditto.

3. Buggy amber OOAKs.

buggyABOVE:  Photo of a fantastic buggy amber by Paula. Please do not reproduce.

4. Limited Edition German Clover, released 2008.

796872383A38-700x700ABOVE: Photo by Trollbeads.

5. Longevity OOAKs (although they are starting to re-release them in 2014).

6. Lots of other old and rare OOAKs – such as Fish, Conch, Running Man, Ohm and so on!! A few photos are below.

Variations on the Om UniqueABOVE: Collage of photos including Ohm, Script and Running Man by Angela Weaver. Please do not reproduce.


ec05fa46-1a98-4974-be38-bb01205e4b55_zpsac31qwgnABOVE : Two photos of rare Fish beads by a private collector. Please do not reproduce.