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Welcome to WikiBeadia, a website providing detailed reference information about various Trollbeads releases for fellow-collectors! WikiBeadia is designed to plug those gaps where information isn’t readily available elsewhere.


About WikiBeadia

If you are reading this you may be, like me, a passionate collector of Trollbeads (or Trollie). People collect in different ways – some just like to enjoy the beads for what they are. Others like to have more information about their collections. I admit I am a bit nerdy about my collection, and like to document releases and catalogue them. I’ve been collecting details about various releases for many years.

Please note that although I like these brands, Wikibeadia doesn’t cover X by Trollbeads (now X Jewellery) or other special collections like Mette Saaby for Trollbeads, just the original line. Beads!!

Why WikiBeadia?

I realised a while ago that unless I set up WikiBeadia myself, useful bits of information could vanish forever. For example since I started collecting in 2009, many internet sources have been altered or closed down, including several major Trollbead forums, some smaller ones, and the excellent Fable Trading website (the original distributor of Trollbeads in the UK). Trollbeads themselves have refreshed their website and got rid of a lot of useful information. I’ve also noticed that the documentation available for specific releases is sometimes very limited, or available for a short while only. A huge amount has already gone forever. (It is also worth noting that TB HQ have refreshed their on-line museum, and a lot of information has gone, and the original catalogue numbers have all been changed!)

What’s in it?

I am a UK-based collector, so a lot of the detailed information is about UK releases, usually rare ones, although there are other pages on Trollbeady things which interest me.

WikiBeadia is not a comprehensive guide. I am not bothering to document beads or releases where there is plenty of other information out there; if you are interested in these, please go to the Other Sources of Information section which has some suggestions for you.

Not a normal blog

WikiBeadia isn’t a normal-style blog – there are plenty of excellent TB blogs already and sadly, I don’t have the time to do a good one. The website consists of information I think collectors might find useful – Reference Pages – with some reviews in the Opinion Pages. I will be updating the Reference Pages as-and-when new or interesting information becomes available, especially any future UK-exclusive releases. I’ll also continue to research past releases – I love the oldies!


This is a hobby site, not a commercial one. However, please ensure that if you post or use anything from this site, you give full credit and a link to this site. All text and photos are by me unless otherwise credited. A big thank you to those collectors and retailers who have allowed me to use their lovely photos and other information. Trollbeads official photos are also used with the permission of Trollbeads UK, and are obviously credited.


I started keeping this information for my own use, but decided to share it via WikiBeadia – I hope you enjoy it too and find it useful.

Happy collecting!


Amanda Mac, Nov 2014.

Updated 2017


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